Nicaragua and Russia pay tribute to the Soviet soldiers who fought against Nazi Germany.

The event in commemoration of the Great Patriotic War of Russia was held at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua.

Nicaragua commemorates the Day of the Great Patriotic War in which Soviet soldiers fought against Nazi Germany in 1945; at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua UNAN-Managua, and was attended by the diplomatic corps of the Russian Embassy.

“The heroism of the Soviet people in the legendary battles against the invading Nazi determined the triumph in favor of the anti-fascist forces, the victory of the Red Army and the resounding defeat of the Hitlerite forces and their allies…”, highlighted Ramona Rodríguez, president of the National Council of Universities (CNU).

The defeat “contributed definitively and forcefully to the expulsion of the invading fascist hordes from the territories occupied by Nazi fascism and, together with the resistance of millions of anti-fascist militiamen throughout Europe, sealed the beginning of the end of the Nazi-fascist threat on all of humanity,” Rodríguez added.

Russia honors the memory of its fallen heroes

For his part, the Russian ambassador to Nicaragua, Alexander Khokhólikov, highlighted: “The Soviet Union, with the support of the allied countries of the anti-Hitler coalition, including countries from Latin America and the Caribbean, achieved the great victory, preventing to the forces of fascism so that they would enslave the people of the planet and establish their dominance in the world.”

At the same time, he indicated that he will never forget the very high price his country paid for that victory. There were “27 million people, there is not a family in Russia that does not honor the memory of its fallen heroes,” said Khokholikov.

Likewise, he referred to the current context in which the Russian people have to defend the independence and freedom of the homeland “we express our recognition and admiration to the patriotic soldiers who participate in the special military operation in Ukraine, heroically fighting against the neo-fascists and the neocolonialism”.

The commemorative event was attended by officials from the embassy of the Russian Federation, including its ambassador Alexander Khokhólikov, Dr. Ramona Rodríguez; officials from the different diplomatic missions accredited in the Central American country and the university community of UNAN-Managua.