Nicaraguan Legislature expresses firm repudiation of Israel's actions in Gaza.
Nicaraguan Legislature expresses firm repudiation of Israel’s actions in Gaza.

The Nicaraguan Legislature expresses firm repudiation of Israel’s actions in Gaza. The Parliament of Nicaragua has approved a legislative declaration condemning the acts of genocide and collective infanticide carried out by Israel against the Palestinians in Gaza.

On February 1, the National Assembly of Nicaragua approved a Declaration that condemns and rejects the genocide against the brotherly people of Palestine, particularly the collective infanticide of many boys and girls. It is considered an act of cruelty and inhumanity unprecedented in history, as cited in the press release from the Legislature of the Latin American nation.

Cessation of Palestinian Ethnic Extermination

Likewise, it demands from North American and European imperialism, as well as Zionist fascism, the immediate cessation of attempts at the ethnic extermination of the Palestinian people. The declaration makes an urgent call to the people of the world to condemn these horrendous crimes that harm life and international law.

In this sense, the issued declaration warns, “the various United Nations resolutions demand the recognition of the State of Palestine and condemn the State of Israel for disrespecting International Law, committing acts of genocide, violating human rights, occupying territories, committing collective murders, and creating fences to prevent the use of basic services”.

The Nicaraguan National Assembly highlighted that “the main victims of these crimes against humanity are girls and boys”. They have “the right to life, peace, health, education, food, and the possibility of having a family and living in a community free of violence”.

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Gustavo Porras, president of the Nicaraguan parliament, expressed, in relation to the situation in Gaza, that children have the fundamental right to live in peace, study, and develop as human beings. He emphasized that it is “unacceptable” that innocent blood continues to be shed in the world.

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Nicaragua, through this action, expresses its solidarity with the people of Palestine, who, in recent months, have been victims of constant sieges and armed attacks by Israel.