Pi Day celebrated each March 14
Pi is known as an infinite number that has not been deciphered even by the physics geniuses

All Math fans are lucky today since the Day Pi is celebrated each March 14 since its digits are 3.14, and also it combines with Albert Einstein’s birthday.

The idea of the Day of Pi was Larry Shaw’s, a US supervisor from the Exploratorium Science Museum, when he had an idea and talked about it to his colleagues about dedicate a day to “Pi”, and they chose the first digits for the date; 3.14.

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In 2009, the US House of Representatives passed a resolution to recognize the Pi Day, and approved it as a day to celebrate.

Pi is a very old number, it is believed it was used for thousands of years, before Babylonians. For Egyptians was useful for the construction of pyramids, as well as for Chinese.