President Daniel Ortega receives high support from Nicaraguans.

Survey in Nicaragua reveals 82.4 % approval for the administration of President Daniel Ortega.

Nicaragua’s president, Daniel Ortega, leads the Latin American nation in the right direction, according to 83.2% of Nicaraguans consulted by the international polling firm M&R Consultores.

In its most recent poll of the Public Opinion Monitoring System, M&R Consultores, also revealed that 91.8% of Nicaraguans consider that the Sandinista government led by Ortega generates hope.

High approval on the management of the Government of Nicaragua

In line with this data, the Government Management of the Nicaraguan president has an approval of 82.4% of its fellow citizens.

Similarly, 81.8% of respondents pointed out that the style of government is that of a democratic ruler and attached to the country’s laws.

The survey also detailed that 93.1% of those consulted considered that in Nicaragua there is freedom for people to think, say or do what they consider, always within the framework of respect.

Interests for which the current government works

The public opinion poll said that 84.1% of the population believes that the current government works for the interests of the general population, while 80.1% considered that President Ortega promotes unity and reconciliation among Nicaraguans.

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With regard to the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), a political party led by Nicaragua’s head of state, the results show a political predisposition of 85.2%, with 84.9% of respondents expressing hope, 85.2% feeling tranquility and 85.4% pointing to security.

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87.6% of Nicaraguans felt that opposition political parties should focus on organizing and participating in spaces for dialogue and negotiation with the Sandinista government.