In the absence of compliance by the US government, for aggressions and terrorism against Nicaragua, Russia joins the denunciation.

Russia’s support for Nicaragua was swift, given the demand of the Latin American state that Washington comply with the compensation for armed aggression issued by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague since June 1986. 

 The spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, María Zaxharova, declared in favor of the demand made by the Nicaraguan government to the United Nations, in which it determines the non-compliance of the United States with the ICJ ruling.

Russia rejects US coercive policy against Nicaragua 

We wholeheartedly support the demand for the restoration of historic justice recently expressed by Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega in his speech to UN Secretary General António Guterres. At the same time, we consider categorically unacceptable the continuation of aggressive US policies against this sovereign state, which respond to the neo-colonial aspirations of the West,» emphasized the Russian high diplomat. 

He also recalled that «Washington unleashed a civil war in Nicaragua during the aforementioned period (the 1980s), in particular by training, equipping and financing the contras, who became world famous for their bloody terror against the Nicaraguan people and the government of the Sandinista National Liberation Front».

 In addition, he explained that «the whole history of Nicaragua tells a dozen and a half of US interventions under various pretexts».

 Zaxharova made clear the media manipulation that existed in the 1980s, when the White House financed the counterrevolution.

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As for the «contras» themselves, Western publications presented them exclusively as «freedom fighters». This cynical division of criminals into «good» and «bad» has not disappeared: this is what happened with Islamic terrorists, even in Russia, and continues in other countries,» said the representative of Russian diplomacy.

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This is the essence of the «world order based on rules» imposed by Washington, which not only guarantees permissiveness and impunity for him and his satellites, but also justifies his «right» actions against the unwanted,» Zaxharova said.