Russia denounces Ukraine’s use of indiscriminate weapons

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed his complaint to the UN Security Council, highlighting the supply of weapons to Ukraine by the West as a “senseless” action.

“They are not at all ashamed that their weapons, including cluster munitions and projectiles with depleted uranium, are methodically, ruthlessly and deliberately used against exclusively civilian targets”, the Russian minister added.

In this sense, Lavrov accused Ukrainian forces of deliberately attacking civilian infrastructure in Russia by receiving weapons provided by the West.

Weapons provided by the West end up on the black market, says Lavrov

Also, the Russian Foreign Minister pointed out that the Ukrainian authorities resell some of the weapons supplied by the West on the black market, seeking to “maximize the benefits of the conflict”.

The Russian Foreign Minister described those who supply weapons as “merchants of death”, highlighting that these weapons are used by Ukraine to attack mainly civilian targets.

Likewise, Sergei Lavrov emphasized that those who arm the “regime” of Zelensky’s government bear responsibility for the deaths of civilians.

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Furthermore, the Russian Foreign Minister stressed that the West’s continued support for the “Kyiv regime” constitutes a fundamental factor hindering the search for a peaceful solution to the Ukrainian crisis.

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Although Moscow maintains its willingness to dialogue, the minister considered that the peace proposal presented by the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, is a “road to nowhere”.