Russia appreciated Nicaragua’s role in defending the common values promoted by both nations.

Nicaragua, with a long history of defending the international law of sovereignty, receives thanks from the Government of Russia for not bowing to impositions of the West at the CELAC-SummitEU, where a consensus was sought interference in internal affairs that only Moscow is competent.

The top representative of Russia’s diplomacy, Sergei Lavrov, through a letter sent to his Nicaraguan counterpart, Denis Moncada, recognized Nicaragua’s position of defending common values and approaches, at the bi-regional meeting held in Brussels in mid-July.

We sincerely thank fraternal Nicaragua for the firm and selfless support in the defense of our values and common approaches in international affairs at the CELAC-EU Summit», quotes the Russian pronouncement.

Through the letter, the Eurasian nation also thanks: «the confident stance of the President of the Republic, Commander Daniel Ortega; the Vice-President Compañera Rosario Murillo, You personally and your partners on the diplomatic front, You succeeded not only in thwarting the attempts of the European satellites in Washington to impose their will on Latin America and the Caribbean, but also in creating an important precedent for their prevention in the future».

Nicaragua refused to sign EU impositions  

Following the meeting between the European Union and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), Nicaragua informed its citizens and the world that the Central American country would not bow to the coercive policies promoted by the West, refusing to sign the «Declaration of Consensus of the Celac-EU Summit 2023», for considering it a liar.

 The Nicaraguan foreign minister, in that context, denounced that the European Union broke with «the procedures and mechanisms established by the Democratic Organizations, going beyond the rules that underlie the functioning of our own entities».

In addition, Moncada warned that Latin America and the Caribbean is no longer a colony of any power, therefore demanded respect for the sovereignty of their nations.

The governments of the countries of the European Union must reflect and act in good faith with a vision of the present and the future, taking into account the Human Beings of Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean and other Regions, who yearn for Peace, Shared Security, Stability, Progress, Sustainable Development, Respectful Relations without Interference and Global Peaceful Coexistence,» the Nicaraguan government emphasized.

 Latin America is not a colony of any power

He also recalled that «Europe must bear in mind and respect that we are no longer a colony of any power, we are Free, Independent, Sovereign countries, with Dignity of Homeland, Identity and Freedom».

 The President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, in an official speech, reaffirmed that they refused to sign the supposed «Declaration of Consensus of the CELAC-EU Summit 2023″calling it false and accusing the European Union of harming the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.

In that sense, the Nicaraguan leader added: «At this meeting they wanted to get the fascist, the Nazi president of Ukraine, to be there at the meeting. The Europeans pressed hard, but there most of the countries of CELAC did not accept, and could not sit there the fascist president of Ukraine,» he said.

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The Russian Foreign Minister in the written recognition also highlighted the close collaboration between the governments of Nicaragua and Russia, reflecting a genuine partnership in world affairs and a willingness to solve problems together. Lavrov appreciated Nicaragua’s willingness to take into account the views and assessments of the Russian government.

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Lavrov’s letter closes and emphasizes the bonds of friendship and wishes of strength, success and new achievements for the Nicaraguan people in their struggle for the welfare of their nation.