Several dead in Kenya after a hunger sect
Bodies were found in the middle of a forest in Kenya, and police said the death toll could rise

In the middle of the forest in Kenya, several corpses appear with crucifixes on the top, some 14 mass graves have been unearthed so far and the bodies have been exhumed.

The dead, who now number more than 80, are believed to have been members of a church, the International Church of Good News.

It is believed that these members were told the end of the world was coming and were persuaded to starve themselves to heaven.

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There have been 89 bodies exhumed, but the police told the death toll could rise, including some who were rescued dying while receiving treatment.

Paul Mackenzie, the cult’s leader, was arrested following a notice suggesting the existence of shallow graves containing of at least 31 of his followers, other 14 cult members are in police custody.