Severe cold from China to Japan
Extreme cold wave in northeast countries of Asia, facing even the coldest weather in a decade.

The Korean Peninsula, Japan, and China are facing low temperatures that have not been seen in a decade as snow hampers travel.

Countries across northeast Asia are battling freezing weather with temperatures falling to their lowest in at least a decade and snowfall hampering travel.

In Seoul, South Korea, a cold wave warning with temperatures below -15 degrees Celsius hit the capital for two consecutive days.

In Tokyo, is also expecting a cold blast. Parts of central and northern Japan have already been battling temperatures at their lowest in a decade and heavy snowfall. Air travel, trains and roads have been affected, with drivers stuck in snow for hours.

In China, the record of the lowest temperature is -53 degrees Celsius, in Mohe, China’s northernmost city.

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Other parts of Asia have felt the impact of harsh cold weather. In Russia, temperatures of -62.7 degrees, being the coldest ever recorded; Afghanistan with temperatures of -28 degrees Celsius.