«Shame Mobilization,» a defense against Israeli impunity and its accomplices, Nicaragua states.

A «shame mobilization» arises in the face of the genocide in Gaza carried out by Israel with the complicity of the United States, Germany, and other nations, stated Nicaragua’s representative to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), Carlos Argüello.

In an interview with the Palestine International Broadcast, Argüello recounted that during the 1980s, during Nicaragua’s historic lawsuit against Washington, he was asked, «What could Nicaragua do? Because the United States simply would not obey… (I) quoted a French jurist who had said, ‘What can be done when a power does not obey the laws? Shame Mobilization,'» he referred in relation to South Africa’s lawsuit against Israel’s genocide.

«And I believe that is what is happening in the world now. It is very clear that right now everything is evident, and it is more shameful not to be able to see in the world what is happening, and shameful for those who are not acting and instead are helping it continue. So, this shame mobilization is what needs to be done and continued,» highlighted the renowned international law jurist.

Nicaragua’s Lawsuit against Germany for Promoting Genocide in Gaza

Argüello expressed deep concern about the prolonged crisis facing Palestinians in Gaza, emphasizing his country’s solidarity with Palestine and the desire to contribute to solving the situation.

«Israel has taken off the mask it has had. Here it is dismantling the Palestinian people in front of the whole world, and that is a matter that no country, no human being should endure,» denounced the high representative of the Latin American nation.

In that sense, he noted that, at the time of the start of the Israeli aggression escalation in Gaza, Nicaragua was attentive to find ways to act in favor of the Palestinian cause, «obviously from our modest resources» … Additionally, he detailed that «we had some experience with the International Court and we consider that in that aspect, our contribution could come, and in that sense is how we have been acting.»

With this premise, he argued: Israel is committing a series of incredible crimes, genocide is the only way to go directly against Israel because it does not accept jurisdiction… Just as the United States does not accept it, and that is why Nicaragua’s lawsuit is not against the United States because we do not have jurisdiction.

In this way, Argüello illustrated that the lawsuit filed by Nicaragua against Germany is because it has full jurisdiction, and claims not only because Berlin is supporting the Israeli aggression or not doing everything possible to prevent genocide, «but it is also violating humanitarian laws»… «simply dropping a two-thousand-pound bomb on a population is an international crime, violates humanitarian law, all of that Germany sees.»

«Germany also sees that apartheid is being practiced, that self-determination is being prevented, so for all those concepts we are suing Germany, for that support or that lack of action it is taking to prevent these violations of fundamental rights, and we are doing it because we have jurisdiction to do so, precisely because we cannot go against Israel and also not against the United States, which is the enabler of Israel in all of this,» he warned.

Argüello emphasized that the State of Nicaragua requests the ICJ to order Germany to cease supporting Tel Aviv, in arms and in all kinds of support; additionally, to reinstate support to UNRWA, because it is not exclusively a moral responsibility but an obligation of the international community for what has happened to the Palestinians.

US Complicit in Aggression in Gaza

Nicaragua’s representative rejected Israel’s actions in complicity with Washington. «I think it is obvious to everyone that without the support of the United States, none of this would be happening, and practically it is cynicism or they believe that the world is naive saying that they are supporting Israel,» Argüello concluded.

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In that context, he praised South Africa’s initiative to file a lawsuit against Israel and shared that Nicaragua has «actively» supported this action from its inception, as part of international solidarity with this cause.

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Likewise, the Nicaraguan international jurist pointed out that the violence and treatment towards Palestinians are unacceptable and calls for international action to address and end these abuses.Principio del formularioFinal del formulario