The 2024 Regional Elections in the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua took place in total normalcy.

The Electoral Authority of Nicaragua highlighted the peaceful conduct of the 2024 Regional Elections in the Caribbean Coast, where the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) obtained 88.71% of the valid votes from 100% of the scrutinized boards, according to Provisional Results.

“This electoral process was guaranteed to take place in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, and once again, we reaffirm that these processes belong to this sovereign people, especially to our Caribbean communities in these Victorious Caribbean Elections 2024,” said Brenda Rocha, the president magistrate of the Supreme Electoral Council of the Latin American nation.

She added, “We have concluded another civic exercise where the sovereign people, with great enthusiasm, went to their Voting Centers, to their Receiving Boards of Votes. There are those beautiful images where we can see how they moved by boats, canoes, on foot with much joy, enthusiasm, and commitment to their homeland to exercise their Right to Vote.”

According to the Nicaraguan electoral institution, with 100% of the scrutinized boards from the 14 participating political parties grouped into 5 boxes, the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) led popular support with 88.71% of the valid votes in the elections where 180 Members of the Regional Councils of the South and North Caribbean were elected.

In this regard, it was also detailed that the Constitutional Liberal Party (PLC) obtained 8.10%; the Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance Party (ALN), 1.82%; the Alliance for the Republic Party (APRE), 0.61%; and the Independent Liberal Party Alliance (PLI), 0.76%.

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The Nicaraguan electoral entity has repeatedly highlighted the gender equity focus promoted and guaranteed in the Regional Elections, where 50% of the candidacies were led by women and 50% by men, a historic milestone in the region.

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Likewise, electoral authorities reported that in these elections, 4,506 Members of Vote Receiving Boards, 7,510 Prosecutors, both Owners and Alternates, and 1,855 Electoral Police participated, ensuring the successful development of this civic celebration for the Nicaraguan Caribbean.