Regional electoral process 2024 is taking place safely in the Caribbean of Nicaragua.

The Nicaraguans of the Autonomous Regions of the North and South Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua have attended from very early hours and en masse to the 308 Voting Centers enabled, to exercise their right to vote in the 2024 Regional Elections.

According to the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) of the Latin American nation, the 751 Vote Receiving Boards of the 308 Voting Centers enabled in the Caribbean of Nicaragua, opened in a timely manner to receive the citizens of the Native Indigenous and Afro-descendant Communities , who attend to elect the 180 Members of the Regional Councils, between owners and alternates.

Gender equality in Nicaragua’s 2024 Regional Elections

14 political organizations grouped in five boxes corresponding to the Official Electoral Ballot participate in the celebration of this civic festival. In this sense, the Nicaraguan Electoral Branch has highlighted compliance with gender equality with 50% of the candidates represented by women and 50% by men.

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As reported by the SEC, the 2024 Regional Elections of Nicaragua had the support of the Army and the National Police, to guarantee the security of the electoral process carried out by the citizens of the Autonomous Regions of the North and South Caribbean Coast of that nation.

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In addition, he explained that these elections had the participation of “4,506 Members of Vote Receiving Boards, 7,510 Prosecutors between Owners and Substitutes and 1,855 Electoral Police” who are guaranteeing a process “in Peace, Tranquility, Transparency and Justice,” the Nicaraguan electoral institution specified.