Snapchat launches AI Chatbot
The social network Snapchat launches its own AI Chatbot based on ChatGPT system called My AI

Now the social network Snapchat has launched its own Chatbot in the experimental phase based on the popular ChatGPT AI, and it will be available only for paid subscribers.

This Chatbot was dubbed My AI, and its goal is to help people with tasks such as choosing a gift for a friend, planning an outing or thinking of a recipe to cook, this according to a statement from the company.

This new Chatbot is an adapted version for Snapchat of the latest version of ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence tool developed by the firm OpenAI that has recently triggered public interest in this type of technology.

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Snapchat warns, in any case, that the tool currently has «many deficiencies» and that all conversations will be stored and will be reviewed to improve the product.

The social network is still in force in the United States despite having lost relevance in some countries, especially when Instagram incorporated the 24-hour-long stories.