Why are humans afraid of AI?
AI is the trend of technology nowadays but human beings are afraid to be substituted by it

Technology continues to advance and it has brought what is artificial intelligence, hard words to hear or read for the human being, who is concerned about being replaced by this technology.

But we have to know something, artificial intelligence, as its own name says, consists of an intelligence created by the human being, which is not alive, and is not natural, but as intelligence, it learns, it improves and it is worth by itself depending on the field that the same human being gives it power.

But should we really be afraid of AI?

Artificial intelligence has accomplished feats, and as said before, it is intelligence created by human beings, and it is the same human being who is against this kind of technology.

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Losing a job to a robot is the fear of every human being, since, according to a study, it is believed that in ten years 60% of employees will be fired and replaced by robots with artificial intelligence.

But the theories that robots will dominate the world, is something distant, the machines are still designed to perform a job 100% more than humans, but that does not mean that we have to retire from our jobs.

What is the comparison between a human being and AI?

In terms of work, a machine can perform a task and improve it a thousand times, while a human being has to be paid to perform that task and improve it, this argument is one of many given by those who work with machines.

In general, the fear of AI is of the unknown, and what this technology can do to humans, who tend to imagine worst-case scenarios such as making decisions and performing actions without human supervision or intervention.

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It is important to keep in mind that AI also has the potential to generate many positive changes and benefits, such as better medical care, new discoveries, etc., depending on the area that such technology will address. It is worth noting that not all humans are afraid of AI, and many see it as a powerful tool for solving complex problems to improve our lives