Starship rocket from SpaceX explodes minutes after liftoff
Starship exploded when taking off for the first time, when the propellant started spinning before the blast

Starship rocket form SpaceX has exploded in its first launch, four minutes after taking off from the Boca Chica space base in Texas.

After reaching an altitude of more than 30 kilometers, the rocket began to pitch and eventually lost its orientation until it exploded in midair.

Elon Musk has clarified after the loss of the rocket that the program to develop the Starship continues and that a second test flight will take place in a few months.

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SpaceX will investigate the causes of loss of Starship, since it is not clear if the explosion of the rocket is related to poor management of the engines or to an independent anomaly.

Starship is a transportation system, which in the future will be reusable, designed to carry both Crew and cargo into Earth orbit, help humanity return to the moon and travel to Mars and beyond.