Teacher killed by a student in France
A 16-year-old student was arrested after killing his 53-year-old teacher Spanish teacher

A high school student was arrested for stabbing a teacher to death in front of other students in southwestern France.

The incident happened in a private catholic school in Saint-Jean-de-Luz where the police arrested the suspect who according to the them, do not have a prior knowledge of the student.

The first data provided by the police indicated that the student suffers from mental disorders and the student who is 16 now, heard voices ordering him to kill the 53-year-old Spanish teacher.

Pap Ndiaye, the Minister of Education, said that a psychological unit is treating about 90 students, including those who witnessed the attack, and some teachers.

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It is expected that Ndiaye arrives at the school where he will give a minute of silence for all French schools on Thursday.