Russia warns that the United States recruits members of Mexican and Colombian cartels from its prisons to send them to Ukraine.

Russia accuses the US of recruiting Mexican and Colombian criminals from prisons to join Ukraine in the conflict with Russia

Russia denounces that United States private military corporations guided by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), recruit thugs from Mexican and Colombian cartels from their prisons to send them to Ukraine.

The Russian Foreign Ministry revealed through its X account that, according to information from the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), private military companies of the North American country under the direction of the DEA and the FBI “are recruiting representatives of the cartels in prisons, Mexican and Colombian drug traffickers to participate in the Ukrainian conflict on the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.”

In addition, he added that “a first group of hundreds of these recruits are planned to be sent to the Ukrainian combat zone during the summer of this year. These recruited prisoners would be promised an absolute amnesty “in the hope that they will never return.”

“The possibility of such criminals joining the ranks of the Ukrainian armed forces is undoubtedly alarming, but such an attempt by Washington to give Kiev an advantage on the battlefield is doomed to failure,” said the Russian Intelligence entity.

“The administration of US President Joe Biden was actually signing its impotence and demonstrating once again the failure of the Kiev regime it feeds,” detailed the SVR, according to the highest diplomatic institution of the Eurasian nation.

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Recently, Russia’s Investigative Committee also launched an investigation into allegations of terrorist activities in the Eurasian nation by the United States, Ukraine and their Western allies.

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The investigations develop after State Duma parliamentarians and public figures, including political philosopher Alexander Dugin, requested “the need to investigate the organization, financing and execution of terrorist acts by the United States, Ukraine and other Western countries against Russia.