The World Water Day
“Be the change” is the new slogan the UN emits this year to celebrate the Word Water Day

World Water Day has been celebrated every March 22 since 1993, and is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be united for water and take action to address the world water crisis.

The origin of World Water Day was proclaimed by the United Nations Organization in 1992, to later propose a celebration which started in 1993.

Water is a natural resource made of hydrogen and oxygen molecules, which is essential for the life of living beings, which makes it possible for all terrestrial species to continue growing and developing every day.

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Hence, the importance of avoiding waste, since it is a very limited resource and not all corners have it. That is why this day is not only celebrated, but awareness is created for its preservation, to avoid its scarcity and irreversible consequences for humanity.

Water is a fundamental right for life and its preservation, a human right that today does not reach safely to a large number of people in different countries, especially those most in need, and where drinking water is not accessible.

According to the UN, more than a third of the world population does not enjoy this right, which means that more than 2,000 million people, children, women and men die each year from dehydration.

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Every year a slogan is issued, and this 2023 is «Be the change», which tries to accelerate the change to ensure that water reaches all corners of the planet, even the poorest.