The Nicaraguan authorities have promoted tourism within their National Human Development Plan.

Nicaragua stands out for countless reasons in Latin America, and tourism development is one of these. There are thousands of foreigners who describe how pleasant it is to get to know this nation, but how has it managed to advance at a rapid pace in this sector?

“With the beginning of the Good Government of National Unity and Reconciliation, tourism activity was prioritized within the National Human Development Plan, as part of the Productive and Economic Growth Strategy, which contributes to the reduction of poverty and improves the quality of life of the population, which contributed to the exponential improvement of the activity, with 2017 being the best year,” he cited the most recent 2007-2023 report from the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR).

The INTUR website cited statements issued by its representative in a national media outlet: “The tourism industry exceeded expectations in 2023 with more than one million visitors, as reported by the head of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism, INTUR, Anasha Campbell”.

In addition, the record of the Nicaraguan tourism entity details that, “in 2017, a growth of 138.6% was achieved, with a tourist arrival of 1,787,260, monetary income of 840.5 million dollars, 237.4% higher than in 2007”.

In that same year, according to INTUR “the infrastructure grew by 175.5%, with 1,237 accommodation establishments, 16,226 rooms, 27,662 beds, 73,350 tables and 291,078,586 chairs available to tourists”.

Nicaragua recovers after the pandemic

In that period, the tourism institution that, to carry out projects in Nicaraguan territory, is governed by Law No. 306, Tourism Incentives Law, carried out 35 large-scale works that ranged in an investment of US$ 25,977,240.80.

The Nicaraguan authorities have promoted tourism within their National Human Development Plan.

After the Covid-19 pandemic that hit economies worldwide since 2020, and tourism being one of the sectors most affected, Nicaragua established new strategies for its tourism uprising.

In that sense, “as of November 2023, tourism activity (in Nicaragua) closed with a recovery of 86.3% compared to the figures prior to the Pandemic (2019), reaching an arrival of 964,577 tourists,” according to data from INTUR.

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In addition, he added that, “the activity generated income for the country of US $285.3 million at the end of the first quarter of 2023, according to the latest publication of the BCN (Central Bank of Nicaragua), which represents a growth of 17.2% compared to the same period of the year 2019”.

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“The infrastructure was recovered to 1,051 accommodation establishments, 13,354 rooms, 22,552 beds, 72,134 tables and 284,784 chairs available to tourists”, the Nicaraguan entity stated.