Nicaragua highlights 17 years of promoting sport in all its areas.
Nicaragua highlights 17 years of promoting sport in all its areas.

Nicaragua stands out for a notable evolution in all its sports areas during the last 17 years, in the face of the impressive investment and efforts of the government led by Daniel Ortega.

In 2007, the Latin American country only had five illuminated baseball stadiums, while currently, there are a total of 26 of these sports centers throughout Nicaragua.

This impressive growth is not only reflected in sports infrastructure but also in citizen participation in physical and sports activities.

Increase in sports activities

According to an official report from the Nicaraguan Institute of Sports (IND), the organization of sports, physical recreation, and physical education activities has experienced an exponential increase, rising from 22 events in 2007 to a staggering total of 2,664 in 2023.

National participation has increased from 2,154 people in 2007 to 194 thousand in 2023, and international sports activities have also experienced notable growth, with a jump from 27 events in 2007 to 271 in 2023, involving 10,669 athletes.

A notable achievement has been the legalization of national sports federations, going from three in 2007 to a total of 30 legally constituted federations in 2023.

In addition, support for the sports community has been strengthened through the delivery of sports equipment, increasing from 12,342 units in 2007 to 58,678 in 2023.

Nicaragua is committed to sports training

In the field of sports education, the country has experienced development in the number of sports academies, going from 38 in 2007 to 80 nationwide in different disciplines. The training of protagonists has also been a priority, with an increase from 1,252 in 2007 to 55,645 in 2023, according to the sports institution.

In addition, the construction of a new sports clinic to care for selected athletes in the facilities of the Nicaraguan Sports Institute demonstrates the continued commitment to the well-being of athletes.

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In the field of football stadiums, we have gone from zero illuminated stadiums in 2007 to currently having eight stadiums in the Latin American nation, modern and meeting international standards in their infrastructure.

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Likewise, the creation of 19 departmental delegations throughout Nicaraguan territory in 2023 reflects a decentralized and accessible approach to sports development.