Turkey halts rescue earthquake survivors
Deadly earthquakes in Turkey left more than 40,000 people killed and the government reported the halt of search operations

Turkey has stopped its search and rescue operations in all of its provinces, two weeks after it was struck by one of the most devastating earthquakes ever seen.

The earthquake in Turkey left more 40 thousand people killed and disappeared, and it has been catalogued as the worst disaster in modern history of country, leaving millions without a home.

The government reported the halt of the search this Sunday, with many praying only for bodies to mourn that according to Islamic tradition, the dead must be buried as soon as possible.

Katay and Kahramanmaras were the most affected provinces, and at least 80% of buildings in Katay must be restored after being demolished.

Most of the dead in Syria are found in the northwest, but this is an area controlled by insurgents at war with forces, where thousands of Syrians have looked for refuge in Turkey due to the civil and war and now the earthquake.

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According to the World Health Organization estimates that some 26 million people across Turkey and Syria need humanitarian aid.