Players wear masks while playing soccer in the Qatar World Cup 2022

Football players in Qatar World Cup 2022 have worn masks, but why do some of them wear them?

Although any type of injury is a big problem, for professional players avoiding them is important since these are very common in modern soccer and very difficult to recover and they can become very serious.

The players from Belgium, Thomas Meunier, and from South Korea, Son Heung-Min, have been seen wearing these masks, made of polycarbonate, cloth, or plastic that are placed on the head and achieves cover much of the player’s face by focusing on particular areas.

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These masks in soccer, protect the nose, cheekbones, and eye socket to a greater extent, in this way, some injuries such as fissures or fractures reduced their recovery times since it has been shown that these masks prevent a strong impact on the area and allow the player to return to the courts.