Xiomara Castro in her speech before the UN attacking Western sanctions.
Xiomara Castro in her speech before the UN attacking Western sanctions.

The president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, in her speech before the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), condemned the blockade against Cuba and the coercive measures imposed on Venezuela and Nicaragua.

In her statement, Castro urged the international community to consider fundamental changes in global politics, which transform the imposition of political and economic models in the region.

In that sense, she demanded that Cuba be removed from the list of countries considered terrorist, describing this measure as unjustified and false. In addition, she requested that “the unjust sanctions against Nicaragua to be eliminated because they limit us to relationships with our brothers; “I believe in a multipolar world based on non-interference.”

Defense of global economic rights

Castro highlighted the importance of putting an end to expropriation practices: “It is important to end practices of confiscation of assets from one nation to another, we cannot speak of a civilized world when we can be seized and our reserves frozen as happens to Venezuela violating the norms of international law,” she stated.

In that sense, she addressed military financing and its impact on global budgets, pointing out that, despite the high costs of this industry, it is necessary to redirect resources towards aid and preservation of the environment.

“The military industrial complex consumes the majority of the budgets of developed countries with trillions of dollars, but it contrasts with the indifference and inability to contribute to humanity and the defense of nature,” Castro said.

Furthermore, the first female president of Honduras said: “Those most affected by the war are the poorest countries and people on Earth, devastated by inflation, food shortages and high fuel costs.”

Capitalist model only generates misery and insane individualism

In this context, the Honduran president also discredits the capitalist model imposed on the world: “There is no invisible hand, there is no spillover, practice teaches us that the application of global capitalism and the neoliberal model only generates misery, inequality and an insane individualism of consumer societies, in the face of the great deprivations of billions of human beings.

The president stressed the need to propose changes in the current economic system, which, she said, perpetuates misery, inequality and individualism in consumer societies, at the expense of human well-being.

The president, Xiomara Castro, emphasized the importance of having an effective capacity to investigate and prosecute cases of corruption and high-impact financial crimes.

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“(It is the) only way to purify a state where public institutions, pirates of the political class and public-private associations have been infiltrated by organized crime,” said the Central American leader.

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In her speech before the UN, she stated: “I believe in a multipolar world, where exchange and cooperation for development is based on the principles of independence, sovereignty and non-interference.”