80% of Britons have rejected Liz Truss’ management

A survey made by YouGov company revealed that in less than six weeks after taking office, Liz Truss, the prime minister of the U.K, has been rejected by the 80% of Britons. The prime minister acknowledged the mistakes of the economic policy, but she warned she will not resign.

The survey was made from October 14 to 16 with 1,724 participants. According to the survey the company made, only 10% of Britons agreed with Truss’ job.

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Only with six weeks in power, Truss has faced her first crisis of government, and after the dismissal of the minister of finances, Kwasi Kwarteng, the survey started, making these figures being criticized by the country.

Kwarteng was relieved by Jeremy Hunt, former foreign minister, and the new relief canceled all the economic measures made by Truss.

Days before Kwarteng’s dismissal, he said he would release more details about the economic plan and its impact on public coffers before the end of the month, three weeks earlier than expected.

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Truss’ plan about unfunded 45-billion-pound ($50 billion) tax cuts are tumbling sharply, and with this, investors fear the plan will be led to unsustainable lending, affecting the borrowing levels.