The OAS Code of Ethics prohibits “intimate” relationships between colleagues.

The secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, is facing an internal investigation by the organization, after complaints indicating that he maintains a relationship with an assistant, thus violating the institution’s Code of Ethics.

A report issued by the AP agency, which follows the investigations of this case, declares that, in a biography of Almagro, published at the end of 2020, in Uruguay, the head of the OAS, even alluded to this romance, citing the poem “Song of Autumn in Spring”, by the Nicaraguan poet, Rubén Darío: “With gray hair I approach the rose bushes in the garden”, Almagro quoted, being quite evident.

According to the investigation, the alleged relationship, for several years, has been kept as «an open secret» with a Mexican woman. However, everything came to light more explicitly when the OAS delegates arrived in Peru, where they held their annual meeting.

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The scandal has spread like wildfire, and has generated resentment among the agency’s 600 employees, who say they feel intimidated by having to work with the boss’s alleged lover. When interviewed about this controversy, Almagro has said that he will wait for the summons from the inspector general, for interrogations or to contribute at any stage of the investigation.

Almagro appears in different photos, meeting with his “advisor”. Photo: AP

In addition, the officials recalled when, in 2019, during the OAS meeting in Medellin, they were seen kissing and holding hands.

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The woman involved

According to the report, Almagro’s alleged lover is Marian Vidaurri, who is part of the team of the OAS Secretary General, in the position of Principal Advisor.

The Mexican, named Marian Vidaurri, has been accused of having an affair with Almagro.

The OAS Code of Ethics indicates that staff members must not maintain intimate relationships, among colleagues, in such a way that «interferes with the performance of their duties or places other people in the workplace at a disadvantage.»