Nicaragua will build megaprojects after signing agreements with Chinese companies.
Nicaragua will build megaprojects after signing agreements with Chinese companies.

The strategic cooperation between China and Nicaragua has five new agreements for the implementation of megaprojects that will be carried out in the Latin American nation, including an airport and trains, which will benefit thousands of citizens.

The Nicaraguan government confirmed that, during the participation of a high delegation in the III Belt and Road Forum held in Beijing, the Contract for the Reconstruction , Expansion and Improvement of the Punta Huete International Airport «PANCHITO» was signed with the company Chinese state-owned CAMCE Engineering.

Road megaprojects

Likewise, the authorities of the Latin American nation detailed the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the CCECC company for the Studies, Designs and Construction of the Managua-Masaya-Granada Railway and the formulation of the Managua-Corinto-Bluefields Railway Master Plan.

Another document that was signed was the Cooperation Agreement, for the road projects “Expansion of the Guanacaste-Nandaime-Rivas highway and the Expansion of the Rivas-Sapoa highway”, with the company from the Asian country, CCCCI. Likewise, the Framework Agreement for the Coastal Coastal Highway Project Phase II was finalized with the CSCEC.

The achievements in cooperation between China and Nicaragua include development in the renewable energy sector, through the Memorandum of Understanding for the Mojolka and Tumarín Hydroelectric Projects with the company Huadian Overseas Investment.

Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada described the Belt and Road initiative as a global “infrastructure and investment project promoted by China creating large commercial, maritime, land, and air routes,” according to local media.

In that sense, it was stated that the Nicaraguan diplomat argued that the Belt and Road proposal builds strategic infrastructure for logistical connectivity with other nations, and comprehensive projects that benefit the parties involved, with a community perspective and «of a future shared by humanity”.

The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, during the delivery to transporters of the first fleet of 250 buses that arrived from China, highlighted the rapid progress in cooperation ties , ensuring that they are “moving in giant steps,” and that Work is being done to develop multiple projects and programs together.

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The Sandinista Government has confirmed that meetings were also held with the Asian giant company, Yutong, to follow up on the bus supply agreements that are being developed between both nations, and with which a total acquisition of buses is expected. 1,500 Chinese buses.

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At the end of August, both nations signed a historic Free Trade Agreement, which will enter into force on January 1, 2024, marking an important step in economic cooperation, and ratifying diplomatic relations that are respectful of the sovereignty and self-determination of peoples.