Deportations of minors from the United States to Central America grow...

The number of children and adolescents deported from the United States, to the Northern Triangle in Central America, rose sharply by the end of 2021.

Global concern about WASTE generated by COVID-19. 

The World Health Organization is concerned that different anti-COVID-19 measures, including vaccination campaigns, generate a growing accumulation of thousands of tons of medical waste, after its excessive use.

Colombia: Territory of massacres against social leaders

Colombia closes January 2022 with 13 massacres in its territory, in which an equal number of social leaders were killed.
Crisis en Honduras-Xiomara Catro

HONDURAS: Will Xiomara Castro fase a coup’ état?

Xiomara Castro is making history in Honduras, not only for being the first female president to assume the mandate in the Central American nation, but for representing the return of the left after the coup d'état
Vladimir Putin y Daniel Ortega

Russia to strengthen cooperation with Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Wednesday that Russia will strengthen strategic cooperation with Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba.

Daniel Ortega with high people’s approval in Nicaragua

Fifteen days after the inauguration of the new period of Sandinista government, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega enjoys high approval among the population, according to a r

Donald Trump is accused of financial fraud

Donald Trump is being accused of misrepresenting the value of some of his biggest assets by hundreds of millions of dollars, according to the New York attorney general's office.

Controversy in Costa Rica over a «Security Guide» for female tourist

A controversy has been unleashed on social networks, and the movements of tourists defending women's rights in Costa Rica have exposed their rejection of the guide created by this government

Coercive Measures of the United States against Nicaragua are condemned

Declaration of the delegation from North America on the January 10 inauguration of Nicaragua's President Comandante Daniel Ortega Saavedra