Being a parent after certain age could be difficult, but it is not the case of these celebrities who are over 65

It is possible to become a father at a young age, but some celebrities do not think like that, since they have measured themselves to fatherhood at a very mature age.

Such is the famous case of Robert de Niro, who at almost 80 years old surprised with the news that he will be a dad, being a father for the seventh time, and now being a grandfather.

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Just like Robert, it also happened to Al Pacino, 83, who, together with his current partner of 29, are expecting their first child together, but the actor doubts that it was his, so he asked his partner for a paternity test.

Not everyone is affected by old age when it comes to procreate, if not, let’s exemplify Mick Jagger, 79, fathered his eighth child at age 72 in 2016, with his current girlfriend Melanie Hamrick, 29, at the time.

But, father is not the one who begets, such is the case of Elton John and her husband David Furnish, who have adopted at 68 years of age, having with the latter, two children together.

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As well as the filmmaker, George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars franchises, became a father at the age of 69 in 2013, through surrogacy, being his first biological daughter, since Lucas had three adopted children.

Another actor who is also part of this ranking is Clint Eastwood, who had his last daughter when the actor was 66 years old, although it has been said that Eastwood, apart from being unfaithful, has more than one unacknowledged child.