Daniel Ortega assures that Russia is waging a battle for peace in World War III
Daniel Ortega urges a peaceful solution to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

The Nicaraguan president, Daniel Ortega, in his official speech from Managua, urged a peaceful solution in what he considers a battle waged by Russia for peace in World War III executed by the United States and Europe through Ukraine.

After the visit of the representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, to the Central American country, the leader of the Sandinista Revolution, expressed his position in favor of peace in the conflict with Ukraine that the United States and the European Union are prolonging.

The US and Europe use Ukraine to make Russia disappear

“I think that, here, the Third World War is already being lived. This is World War III. Why? Because it is the United States and Europe, using Ukraine, to find a way to make Russia disappear,” Ortega warned.

In addition, he assured that «the Russian Federation is waging a battle for peace.» And he explained that «it is not against a nation, it is against the fascists, the Nazis, who 16 years ago carried out a coup there in Ukraine, and settled there.»

“They are the children of Hitler, the ones who are ruling there, the children, the grandchildren of Hitler, of Goebbels, because the Nazis, during the war, managed to install a large force there, and that remained there, and then they began to do the war on the Russians, to persecute them. Russians born in those lands, too, kill them and culminated in the coup d’état «

Daniel Ortega: We want peace as Russia wants it

The Nicaraguan president asserted that «meanwhile NATO, harassing Russia, surrounding it with more weapons, more bases, the United States directs the orchestra of international terrorists.»

“We want peace, as Russia wants it, as the peoples of the world want it”, as countries like Brazil, Lula, have already been proposing; Mexico; Xi Jinping, the president of the People’s Republic of China, insisted.

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Ortega questioned: How to achieve a state of opinion, among the nations of the world that allows guarantees, security to the Russian people, who live on their lands? Because those lands are theirs. He also explained that Ukraine is one of those Russian-Ukrainians. They were born there, they grew up there, they lived there during the Second World War, when the Nazis murdered thousands and thousands of Russians.

Hitler is the son of «European and North American democracy»

In addition, he compared the current geopolitical situation with the same thing that happened in the Second World War. “When Hitler formed his party in Germany, no one criticized him, no one condemned him, in Europe, rather large European capitals, and large capitals from the United States, supported him so that he would come to lead that country. And the enemy at that time was not Hitler, the enemy was Russia, the Soviet Union was the enemy they had in their sights, the Europeans and the United States”.

«Hitler, who is the son of capitalism, the son of “European and North American democracy”, is their son, well, it occurred to him to do Napoleon’s: seize Europe, to seize Russia. And the United States had no choice but to ally with the Soviet Union, it had no other way left”, explained the Nicaraguan leader.

Putin leads peace effort

In this sense, he said that in this Third War that is taking place in the world, «no one wants it to escalate with nuclear weapons, because then there is no one left on the planet, it is life or death, for humanity and for all nations…”

In the historic statement, Ortega stated during the visit of Foreign Minister Lavrov, they discussed the efforts led by President Putin to seek peace with security, a situation that Europe must accept and understand.

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Regarding the cooperation of the Russian Federation with Nicaragua, it is clear, «the solidarity attitude of the Russian people with the peoples of the world.» Russia «gave its greatest demonstration of solidarity in World War II, there were 20, 30, 40 million human beings sacrificed there, for peace, and to be able to defeat Nazism,» Ortega concluded.