Daniel Ortega: Nicaragua's path is the peace
Daniel Ortega, recalled the development and peace in the country, prior to the violent coup attempt

For decades, Daniel Ortega, Latin American leader and current president of Nicaragua, has defended the principle of peace, in his country and in the rest of the world. Five years after the violent coup d’état attempt, which sought to take away stability from Nicaraguans, the revolutionary’s premise remains the same.

In a memorable speech, Ortega assured that he has always kept in mind in his prayers «Make me an instrument of peace, Lord, where there is hate, let me sow love…», because in his heart there is no rancor for those who perpetrated the chaos between mid-April and July of 2018. «The path that Christ points out to us is the path of peace,» he said.

In addition, he highlighted the defeats suffered by the «imperialists of the Earth» in Nicaragua, which has always defended peace.

The legendary Sandinista reviewed the violence unleashed in that period of Nicaraguan history, and the role played by economic elites, the Catholic leadership and political opponents, financed and encouraged by the United States and different European countries.

The Nicaraguan president illustrated that in the times of the colonialist invasion of the Europeans who in that period imposed their religious beliefs: “Either they are baptized or we kill them! There with the cross, and the criminal priests of those times, with the cross, manipulating Christ,» Ortega recalled.

The complicity of Catholic priests in crimes

“When was Jesus going to accept being used to commit crimes like these, in the same way that has been done throughout history in many parts of the world and that has been done here in Nicaragua, and that was repeated five years ago? Years of the attempted coup against the Nicaraguan people” he emphasized.

Likewise, the Nicaraguan politician recalled that Nicaragua from 2007 until the moment of the destabilizing actions was «a people that was at peace, that had been growing in the economy… we had achieved reconciliation between all the economic, social, business, and worker groups.”, peasants, artisans, bankers, we had all reached a great agreement, political forces, everyone”.

However, he said that during the failed coup, «priests were seen desecrating Christ, without any respect for God, they told the criminals that they had a young Nicaraguan trapped there, tied up, painted, beaten, bleeding, a woman, or a policeman; and later they sprinkled fuel on them and set fire, and how they themselves filmed the crime. That is not seen by the Pharisees who wear cassocks and who speak in the name of Christ…»

Ortega denounced that they are «bishops of the devil, bishops of satan, they cannot be bishops of Christ, they cannot walk with that cross on their chest, they muddy that cross when they wear it on their chest, they desecrate the Blessed Sacrament when they lift it up in their hands stained of blood».

He also emphasized that on April 19, five years ago, violence began to take hold in the Homeland, and with violence the peace we had in Nicaragua was being buried.”

“We are not all made of the same wood”

Regarding the entrepreneurs of the business elite, the president of the Latin American country, assured that they did not have «the strength to resist Yankee pressure, in the end I understand that not all of us are made of the same wood, and there is wood that is rotten and that easily breaks, on the other hand, the wood that is made with the blood of Diriangen and Nicarao, is wood that is more powerful than steel”.

Ortega stated that the Vatican has become a more interventionist State at the service of the imperialists of the Earth, by endorsing actions such as those carried out in April 2018.

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«Poor devils, God forgives them, as I forgive them too, I forgive them, I do not hold hatred for them, I have never held hatred…», said the Nicaraguan leader. 

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The Nicaraguan president reaffirmed that on this fifth anniversary where peace has been recovered, Peace Day, «those who mock because we are talking about peace, are those who hate, those who are not lovers of peace…»