Daniel Ortega condemns the crimes of the Vatican mafias
Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega condemns the crimes of the Catholic Church and the Vatican

The leftist leader and president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, condemned the crimes that the Catholic Church and the «Vatican mafias» have committed throughout history, since colonization times.

The Central American president, during an official act held in Managua, recalled that the Vatican itself was complicit in many crimes and in the dispossession of land from ancestral families.

“They commanded the priests and gave them the right to decide over these lands, to decide over the populations, how to divide up the lands that did not belong to them, how to divide up the populations and subdue, make slaves, with what right? with the blessing of the popes and kings,» he said.

How many votes does the pope get?

The president said he did not believe in potatoes or kings. And he questioned the undemocratic system of the Catholic Church, to choose its authorities.

«Who is the dad? How many votes does the Pope get among the Christian people? In other words, if they are going to talk about democracy, they should first elect the priests of the town, they should elect the bishops and the one with the most support from the population will be the bishop,” he said.

In this sense, President Ortega stated that the same people should elect the cardinals and the pope, through direct vote, «and let the people decide and not the mafia that is organized in the Vatican,» he specified.

Cardinals and Popes, allies of Nazism

Ortega recalled that the popes and kings ordered persecution against those who did not think like them: «they burned Joan of Arc, a true heroine and how many scientists, people who were contributing» to human development.

Likewise, he expressed that the priests, cardinals and popes of the Catholic Church were allies of Nazism and fascism during World War II; and he emphasized when the papacy gave full support to Mussolini, whom he called «a major criminal, and who was Hitler’s main ally in Europe.»

The top leader of the iconic Sandinista Revolution, maintained that, since he was a child, Christ was his inspiration and the strength to move forward and defend the people; and assured that from the first moment he met and read about Christ, «he was an inspiration to understand the complexities in which we live, and in this way he became aware of solidarity with the oppressed.»

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“Christ never went around dressing as bishops’ dress, much less that he dressed as the pope dresses, much less that he lived in palaces like where the pope, the cardinals, live. Christ was born poor, lived poor and was an example of humility and that’s why they murdered him,» Ortega said.

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In this regard, the Nicaraguan head of state said that Christ did not die, but was physically killed on the Cross, and rose again in the towns, «and lives in the Christian towns, not because of the example that priests, bishops can give, the cardinals and the popes, who are a mafia”, he reiterated.