Daniel Ortega highlights joint commitment to regional peace and prosperity at a meeting on global security.

The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, denounced that NATO, the United States and different countries in Europe are urging the resurgence of Nazism and fascism in the world. 

“…We see how NATO, Europe and the United States unite to defend Nazism while the government, the Russian people, the Russian soldiers, are fighting the battle against Nazism in Ukraine,” warned Ortega, during a meeting held with Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of the Russian Security Council; and delegations from Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela.

Furthermore, he argued: Because they want to reinstate and strengthen Nazism not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe, where the doors through which Hitler walked to come to Power in Germany are open. Yes, there are those in Europe advancing who follow the thought, the logic, the path of terror that Sascism imposed on the German people and the peoples of the world.

Ortega condemns crimes committed by the West and NATO

In this sense, Ortega denounced the crimes committed by different Western states and governments, accusing them of aggression, invasion and violations of human rights.

“We cannot ignore the crimes that are being committed in the world right now. They are crimes committed by States, by Governments that have been characterized by attacking, invading, even launching atomic bombs on defenseless cities,” he stressed.

Also, the president of Nicaragua condemned the crimes of the Israeli government backed by the United States and Europe, against the Palestinians, pointing out the destruction of homes and hospitals.

Meeting for peace

The top leader of the Sandinista Revolution, who presided over the closing of the meeting with the high delegations of Russia, Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia, said: “This meeting is a meeting for development, for the fight against poverty, for the security of our towns. It is a meeting for Peace!”  

Unity is our path and unity (on) issues that were addressed in this meeting and here we have not come to address a plan to invade the United States or to go against NATO or the government of Israel, we have come here to work “a plan to defend our people and that our people have the opportunity to combat poverty, achieve better development in the social economic order, justice, solidarity, those are the principles that have brought us together these days here in Nicaragua,” Ortega specified.

Furthermore, Ortega highlighted the importance of public awareness against these fascist and Nazi crimes and governments in Latin America and the Caribbean, warning about the need to resist attempts to implement fascism and Nazism on a global level.

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In this scenario, the secretary of the Russian Security Council highlighted the need for sovereign states to join their efforts to jointly confront a new wave of colonialism, referring to foreign policies based on coercive measures used by the West.

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The Nicaraguan government highlighted the agreements with Russia, regarding expanding cooperation in the field of security and the defense of sovereignty, as well as in economic, commercial and social matters.