Nicaragua supports Mexico and denounces Ecuador's compliance with international law
Nicaragua supports Mexico and denounces Ecuador’s compliance with international law

The Government of Nicaragua broke diplomatic relations with Ecuador, in rejection and condemnation of the police assault against the Mexican Embassy in Quito, where the former vice president, Jorge Glass, was arrested .

«In the face of the unusual and reprehensible action carried out this morning in Quito, by forces that should protect the order and security of Ecuadorian citizens and their lives, our forceful, emphatic and irrevocable rejection, which we convert our sovereign decision to break all diplomatic relations with the Ecuadorian government,” declared the Nicaraguan State.

Likewise, he condemned and rejected this flagrant violation of international law, which we see repeated by corrupt and servile rulers to the empires, which unfortunately occupy institutional positions in that brother country.»

In the declaration, the Government of Nicaragua expresses its “solidarity and support in any legal action that may arise from this, to the president and government of Mexico, Mr. Andrés Manuel López Obrador.”

In this sense, the Central American country finalized the breaking of all diplomatic relations, although since 2020 Nicaragua has withdrawn its embassy in Quito, the official letter stated.

Mexico breaks diplomatic relations with Ecuador

Mexico announced the breaking of its diplomatic relations with Ecuador, after police agents violently entered its embassy in Quito, to arrest the former Ecuadorian vice president, Jorge Glass , who was in asylum.

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In that sense, Mexico announced the breaking of diplomatic relations with Ecuador, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Alicia Bárcena wrote in her X account that, “In consultations with President López Obrador, in the face of flagrant violation of the Vienna Convention on relations diplomatic relations and the injuries suffered by Mexican diplomatic personnel in Ecuador, Mexico announces the breaking of diplomatic relations with Ecuador.”

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“A situation of this nature had never occurred in our region… not during the worst moments of the Chilean dictatorship, nor in Uruguay,” Bárcenas highlighted.