The indelible mark of Rubén Darío in Latin American literature

Félix Rubén García Sarmiento, known worldwide as Rubén Darío, died 108 years ago, on February 6, in the city of León, Nicaragua, at the age of 49, leaving an indelible legacy in Latin American literature.

Born on January 18, 1867, in San Pedro de Metapa, now Ciudad Darío, Rubén displayed an early inclination toward literary art, influenced by various works and authors that ignited his passion for writing.

Literary legacy

Throughout his life, Darío traveled across several Latin American countries, broadening his horizons and making a lasting impact on the region’s literature. He worked as a journalist in prestigious media such as La Nación in Argentina, where he developed a close relationship with Bartolomé Mitre.

Among his most notable works are “Azul”, “Abrojos”, “Prosas Profanas y otros Poems”, “Tierras Solares”, “Los Raros” and “El Canto Errante”, which established him as one of the greatest exponents of Literary Modernism in the Spanish language.

Darío’s style was characterized by chromaticism, romanticism, sonority, and rhythm, exploring themes ranging from the exotic to the patriotic.

In September 2023, the Rubén Darío Archive House Museum in León was recognized and incorporated into the UNESCO Memory of the World Program, honoring the memory and work of the illustrious writer.

The museum preserves valuable original editions of Rubén Darío’s works, along with documents and manuscripts revealing his creative genius.

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Additionally, it houses a library with more than 2,500 volumes, including works by Darío and other prominent Nicaraguan and Hispanic American writers.

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Rubén Darío’s legacy endures in universal literature, inspiring generations of writers and readers worldwide, while his contribution to the cultural heritage of Latin America remains invaluable.