The Government of Nicaragua extended its greetings to President Vladimir Putin on his reelection in Russia.

Nicaragua highlights the 2024 electoral process in Russia following Putin’s presidential reelection.

In light of the preliminary results of the Presidential Elections in Rusia, which unequivocally give Vladimir Putin a clear victory, the State of Nicaragua extended its congratulations to the leader of the Eurasian nation.

«In these Times of Instability and Violence in a World where we all need Peace, Concord, Joy, Good Will, we celebrate your Triumph as a contribution to the indispensable stability of the Human Community, to continue, in better conditions, creating a Future of Well-being, Science, Prosperity, Cooperation, and Solidarity,» cited the letter issued by the Latin American nation.

Additionally, the Sandinista Government, led by President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo, highlighted Putin’s electoral victory «for a New Time of Advancements in Encounter, Dialogue, and what we all yearn for: Joy, Hope, Human Fraternity.»

In that tone of close relations, the correspondence to the Russian president, reelected for his fifth term, stated: «Our best Wishes for Personal Health and many Victories for your People, and Peace on the Planet.»

Putin with broad support in Presidential Elections

The Central Election Commission of Russia communicated that «with 93.06% of the Ballots Counted, Putin reaches 87.26% of the votes, demonstrating unprecedented support.»

After the preliminary results were announced by the Russian electoral body, Putin declared, «When we are consolidated, even if someone wants to intimidate us or suppress our will, no one will succeed now or in the future,» and detailed that «elections are not a formality, the votes of Russian citizens constitute the unified will of the people.»

In that context, he added, «The source of power in Russia is its people; our future depends on each citizen»…»The will of Russians can never be suppressed from abroad.»

Nicaragua highlights presidential electoral process in Russia

The Nicaraguan Executive took the opportunity to reiterate its recognition of «the exemplary and peaceful Electoral Days that have taken place in that enormous friendly country, and we reiterate to You, our Respect, always in Unwavering and Solidary Brotherhood and Support in all Just Causes.»

In a previous statement, Nicaragua highlighted the participation of a high-level Nicaraguan governmental delegation in the Presidential Elections in Russia, which lasted three days from March 15th to 17th.

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«Nicaragua’s participation as an Electoral Accompanying of the 2024 Presidential Elections is the result of the strengthening of the historical fraternal, respectful, friendly, and bilateral cooperation relations that have been consolidating the closeness between both Peoples and Governments,» the press release of March 16th stated.

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The representatives of Nicaragua who provided accompaniment to the electoral process were: Brenda Rocha, President Magistrate of the Supreme Electoral Council; Alma Nubia Baltodano and Leonzo Knight Julian, also magistrates of the CSE; Carlos Cerda, Vice Minister for International Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Laureano Ortega Murillo, Presidential Advisor and Special Representative of the President of Nicaragua for Affairs with Russia.