Nicaragua rejects UN report
Through an interactive dialogue, Nicaragua rejected the most recent report of the supposed UN «Group of Experts».

Nicaragua rejects a report issued by the self-named «Group of Experts», appointed unilaterally by the Human Rights Council of the United Nations (UN).

The delegation of the Central American country made it clear to representatives of international organizations and observers, and the same members unilaterally designated as «Members of the Group of Experts on Nicaragua», their total disapproval of the most recent report.

«The Government of Reconciliation and National Unity formally declares before this Forum that our Republic has not accepted, nor will it accept the unilateral, biased and imposed designation by this Organization, through the «Group of Experts on Nicaragua», to prepare any report on Human Rights in our country”, indicated the Nicaraguan delegation, through a statement.

Nicaragua protested energetically because it assures that «this group is nothing more than a curtain, that pretends to have non-existent legality in the reports they prepare» on that nation.

“We reiterate that the inputs in these reports are guidelines of the opposition sectors and media in our country, which disseminate subjective, distorted and false situations and facts about our reality; acting under the guidelines of imperial powers, whose only purpose is to injure our Independence and Sovereignty, as well as intervene in our Nation”, he expressed.

Nicaragua emphasized not accepting «any report from the unilaterally called “Group of Experts”, for being subjective and contrary to the supreme interests of our country, in the search for Good Living in all the dimension that this implies.»

The Nicaraguan delegation emphasized that it will not allow «these malicious reports to continue disqualifying or denigrating our Authorities, Institutions or our Legal System.»

Meanwhile, the delegation stated that the recommendations of this Group of Experts “do not reflect the considerable advances made in terms of the most basic Human Rights, such as Education, Health, Women’s Rights, Electric Power, combating Extreme Poverty, etc. have been executed” in that country.

In this sense, Nicaragua reaffirmed that «any recommendation that they could present, lacks in objectivity and it is not even coercive, with the purpose of disintegrating our vision of the country, in the search for the well-being of all Nicaraguans.»

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The Nicaraguan representation maintained that “these reports do not discourage us, nor do they intimidate us, quite the contrary; they strengthen us in our decision to continue walking firmly, in the struggle to reach the highest level of our political, economic and social democracy”.

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Nicaragua is characterized for being “a peaceful, decent and decorous country with the International Community, where we only defend respect for International Law, for which we ask this Group; respect and equal treatment,» concluded the pronouncement.