Nicaragua receives first batch of 250 Chinese buses.

In a significant milestone for the modernization of the transportation system in Nicaragua, the Government of the Latin American nation acquired the first batch of 250 buses from the People’s Republic of China, in the context of the development of commercial cooperation between both countries.

The vice president of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, announced the arrival of these vehicles and highlighted: “We will be receiving a total of 1,500 buses in the coming months, and in the next month another 250 buses will arrive, for a total change in the public transportation fleet of Ciudad Sandino with 133 units organized in 6 transport cooperatives that connect this municipality with Managua, with the capital city,” she specified.

The fleet of 250 Chinese buses heading to the Nicaraguan capital.

Transformation of public transportation in Nicaragua

The arrival aboard the Morning Prosperity ship of the buses manufactured in China symbolizes a crucial step towards the renewal of the country’s urban and interurban transportation, with the aim of benefiting Nicaraguan citizens.

These buses are the result of a purchase agreement signed in Managua with the prestigious company Yutong, a leader in the manufacture of transportation vehicles worldwide.

Vice President Murillo assured that “Managua’s own bus fleet will also be expanded, incorporating 117 new units distributed in 16 cooperatives, with these buses, these 250 complete 3 thousand units with which it has been equipped, transformed and improved the public transportation model in our blessed Nicaragua.”

This first batch of Chinese vehicles represents a step forward in the commitment of the Government of Nicaragua to improve the transportation conditions of the population, and offer an efficient and comfortable collective service. Likewise, the fleet represents the constant strengthening of public transportation, which the Sandinista government has guaranteed during its administration.

The new transportation system, driven by the acquisition of these modern Chinese buses, promises to provide a safer and more pleasant experience for users, while contributing to the economic and social development of the country.

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Nicaraguan authorities have stated that this is just the beginning of a transformation, which seeks to provide a more promising future in terms of mobility for all citizens. In this context, fleets of buses from Russia have also been acquired on different occasions.

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Since 2007, during the Sandinista Government, Nicaragua has experienced an essential improvement in Collective Urban Transportation, managing the acquisition of around 3 thousand buses, an unprecedented fact in the history of that nation.