Nicaragua makes an agreement with a Chinese company for the acquisition of more buses.

The acquisition of more buses continues in Nicaragua, this time through a company of Chinese origin.

The transformation and modernization of public transport does not stop in Nicaragua. The Government of the Central American nation has reached an important agreement with the Chinese company Yutong, for the acquisition of 500 new bus units.

The agreement is made a few days after the leader of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, assured that they would continue to expand and improve transportation for Nicaraguan citizens.

The head of the Ministry of Finance, Iván Acosta, highlighted that the president, Daniel Ortega, and Vice President Rosario Murillo, «a little over a week ago in a public appearance before our people, they assumed a great commitment to continue equipping, transforming and improving the model of public transport in our country, today with this firm we are ensuring that in 2023, 500 buses will be incorporated into our country’s fleet”.

More than two thousand buses during the Sandinista Government

With this acquisition, the fleet of new buses managed by the Sandinista Government, between 2009 and 2023, would exceed two thousand units incorporated into the Nicaraguan public bus system, an unprecedented event in the nation.

Likewise, the presidential adviser for the Promotion of Investments, Laureano Ortega, emphasized that «we are talking about a project for public transportation for families, 500 buses that we will be receiving, thank God in this year 2023. Thank God, thanks to the efforts of our Government of Reconciliation and National Unity, thanks to the brotherhood, to the fraternal cooperation with the companies of the People’s Republic of China”.

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Consequently, the representative of the Asian giant company, Ariel Meng, considered that “this demonstrates the great importance and attention of the Government to all people and also shows our responsibility and mission of Yutong as the largest bus suppliers in the world.”

The Vice Minister of Transportation, Amaru Ramírez Avendaño, also participated in the signing of the agreement between the Nicaraguan delegation.

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Currently, Nicaragua has 13 trade agreements with China, both bilateral and integration, which cover approximately 1.5 billion consumers with preferential access; and the creation of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countries is under development, which according to Nicaraguan authorities, will double the market opportunities.