Nurses protest to increase salary in the U.K
The first time in history that nursers from the UK protest to increase the salary

Nurses in the United Kingdom have voted to strike in the country to protest for their payments, stopping working for the first time in demand for a better salary.

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN), noted that the work stoppage which would be the largest since its founding in 1916, will take place in NHS hospital, a public health service of the UK.

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Pat Cullen, the general secretary of the RCN, has affirmed that “anger turned into action”, this has to do with the sanitary collapse in the UK that has led the industrial sector to protest.

The strike will come as the National Health Service (NHS) anticipates the worst staffing crisis in its history, while still reeling from the hit to services during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the protests to increase the salary 5%.

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The British institution, which has provided health services since 1948, now cares for a record of 7 million patients on waiting lists for treatments, besides doctors are under pressure due to accidents and emergency departments.

Steve Barclay, Health and Social Care Secretary of the UK, has said in a tweet he is hugely grateful for the hard work and dedication the NHS staff have done, adding that his main priority is to keep patients safe during any strike and ensure emergency services while the protests continue.