Eat now with your beloved ones who are departed

A show called “Brunched by an Angel” is the first-ever organized show made by mediums that will allow guests to eat with dearly departed.

The show will be headed by three mediums, Reginald Lewis, Loriann Mans and Christopher Allan, who possess their own special gifts to connect to those who have died.

Loriann Mans, Reginald Lewis, and Christopher Allan market themselves as psychic mediums.

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The event will be launched on November 12, 2022, and will continue with a period of two days which include two daytime shows, one at brunch and one in the afternoon, according to the website.

“Brunched by an Angel” will be hosted in Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas and it will be limited to only 272 guests to ensure an intimate experience, as well as produce the best for anyone that has ever hoped to get a reading from a celebrity medium.

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According to the website, the tickets have the price of $75, and the invitees can reserve a VIP table with even eight people, and families are ensured to receive a good treat and a chance to say goodbye to their beloved ones.