Head of the Anti-Apartheid Department highlights Palestine’s resistance to Israel’s aggression over 75 years.

On a visit to Nicaragua, Ramzi Rabah, member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), urged Israel to be denounced before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for the crimes committed against the Palestinian people.

During his stay in the Latin American nation with a high-ranking Palestinian delegation, Rabah, who is also head of the Anti-Apartheid Department, emphasized that “a Truth Commission must be opened in the Gaza Strip and Israel must be brought to justice” the International Court of Justice, to respond to different crimes against the Palestinian people.”

In that sense, Rabah narrated the recent events in the Gaza Strip, denouncing Israel’s actions as a «massacre» under the complicity of the United States; which has resulted in the total destruction of civilian areas.

Rabah also criticized Western policy that supports Israel’s actions and that has also censored the media to distort the truth of the conflict in the Gaza Strip.

The largest prison in the world

Under that premise, the Palestinian rights activist called on the international community to pressure Israel and the United States to stop the aggression against Gaza.

“The wall of shame, Apartheid, controlled by Israel, is the largest prison in the world. For 17 years it has blocked the Palestinian people, keeping them imprisoned,” denounced Rabah.

Likewise, he highlighted that the struggle of the Palestinian people has a history of 75 years, spanning three generations of families who have fought tirelessly for the freedom of their country. “Palestine defends its right to resist and the self-determination of peoples to obtain their own freedom,” he said.

Thousands of victims

Rabah specified that the Palestinian victims are “thousands of wounded and dead, the vast majority of them are children and women; 500 thousand people have been left homeless and are taking refuge in the establishments of Palestinian refugee agencies, without access to food, water and medicine.

In that context, he said that “the solution is a single State where everyone has the same rights and responsibilities, or two States for two peoples. Israel has rejected both proposals, demonstrating the extermination that Israel is perpetrating against the Palestinian people.”

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Likewise, the organization’s delegate on Palestinian rights highlighted the resistance in Palestine and described it as a constant search for freedom, dignity and fundamental rights in the midst of a complex conflict.

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Israel’s bombing of Palestine has left thousands murdered, including more than 100 children and the same number of women, eight journalists during the Israeli army’s retaliation, and at least 11 United Nations officials. Forced displacement amounts to more than 200,000 Palestinians, which would increase drastically as the conflict escalates, according to the UN.