Peace prevails in Nicaragua, says 95.2% of its citizens

In addition, if peace prevails in Nicaragua, citizens affirm that there is stability, security and economic progress.

95.2% of citizens affirmed that peace prevails in Nicaragua, and highlighted that the country’s future points towards greater stability, security and economic progress, according to the international firm M&R Consultores.

In a recent survey, corresponding to the second quarter of 2024, carried out by the firm M&R consultancies, 95.2% of Nicaraguan citizens thought that there is peace in the Latin American nation, therefore, 93.1% said that under no circumstances should be put at risk, nor should economic and social stability.

Conflicts are resolved with unity and dialogue

In that same sense, 81.6% of Nicaraguans consulted perceived that citizen security has been strengthened in the country, compared to 5 years ago.

74.85% of those surveyed highlighted that Nicaragua’s future in five years will be one of stability, security and economic progress.

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Data from the Public Opinion Monitoring System (SISMO) from the consulting firm M&R, showed that 90.5% of Nicaraguans stated that the method par excellence for conflict resolution is based on dialogue and unity.

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Likewise, 90.2% totally agree that national unity is one of the principles to defeat poverty.