Russia highlights cooperative relations with Nicaragua.
Russia highlights cooperative relations with Nicaragua.

The Russian Parliament highlighted the State of Nicaragua as one of its most relevant strategic partners in Latin America, with solid ties in the construction of a new multipolar world.

“Today Nicaragua is one of Russia’s most important partners in Latin America. We are united by the values of freedom and equality in determining the course of development, the commitment to the principles of fair relations between States and the idea of a multipolar world order”, said the president of the Russian Senate, Valentina Matvienko.

The statement by the legislator of the Eurasian country was addressed in a letter to the president of the Nicaraguan Parliament, Gustavo Porras, in the context of Friendship Day between Russia and Nicaragua, which is celebrated every December 12.

The origin of this holiday dates back to the establishment of diplomatic relations between Nicaragua and the former Soviet Union on December 12, 1944, a date that Nicaragua celebrates as Friendship Day with Russia.

Matvienko expressed the importance of constant communication between the Parliaments of both countries, for the development of cooperation, links between States and understanding between their citizens.

In addition, he highlighted Nicaragua’s support for Russian positions on issues such as the resolution of conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, considering it as clear evidence of an authentic political alliance.

Strategic collaboration between Russia and Nicaragua

Nicaragua has made significant progress in the area of public transportation, due among other things to support from Russia, illustrated by the incorporation into service of around 1,500 brand new Russian buses between 2009 and 2023.

In addition, Nicaragua and Russia have a detailed agreement on the peaceful use of atomic energy, as part of their scientific, technical and productive cooperation agreements.

In this context, Russia has been a key driver of the development of the Mechnikov Latin American Institute of Biotechnology in Managua, Nicaragua, since its establishment in 2016.

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This institute has significant technical conditions, with a production capacity of up to 50 million vaccines, exceeding current demand and showing potential for further development.

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Additionally, Russia provided strong support to Nicaragua during the COVID-19 pandemic, supplying large quantities of vaccines to the Latin American nation.