Sadness in Turkey and Syria after earthquakes
Turkey and Syria devastated after earthquakes of 7,5 and 7,8

Turkey and Syria have suffered the deadliest quake in a decade which the toll soaring past 11 thousand people dead and according to some authorities, it is expected to rise.

There have been some survivors, such as the baby who was born under rubble when the mother was dying. The baby was found alive in the rubble after the earthquake in Syria. The residents say they heard a crying infant whose mother appears to have given birth while buried, and the umbilical cord was still connected to her mother.

Newborn Syria
In Syria, a newborn baby girl was rescued after the residents and volunteers heard the infant crying

In the same place, a four-year-old girl was found buried under broken blocks of concrete, the Syrian Civil Defense said that a volunteer comforted the child as he cleared the debris around her. As the volunteer picks her up, said “Allahu akbar” which means “God is great” while another volunteer reached past corpses lying above.

Another moment that shocked social media was about people who were under rubble begging for help. A woman shared a clip where she filmed herself stuck under the collapsed ceiling.

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Elsewhere, two adults and two children were rescued from the ruins of one seven-story building, rescuers said that at least 20 more people were thought to be beneath the debris. Some of the rescuers were concerned about voices they heard from beneath the rubble and some officials and aid workers have said time is limited to save people who may still be alive.

The seven-year-old girl protected her brother for 36 hours until they were rescued
The seven-year-old girl protected her brother for 36 hours until they were rescued

In Turkey, a seven-year-old girl, who was under the rubbles, protected her brother who was trapped with her. To protect her little brother, the little girl kept her arm over the kid’s head for 36 hours while rescuers tried to access them.

Rescue workers in Turkey raced to save those still trapped under the rubble have said their challenge is to provide shelter for the thousands of people who have lost their homes.

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Right now, the United Nations released $25 million from its emergency fund to help kick-start the humanitarian response in both Turkey and Syria. The UN Children’s Agency is bracing for tragic loss of young lives.