Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson denounces the US’ «theory of controlled chaos» in the Middle East

Spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry denounces the US “theory of controlled chaos” in the Middle East

The «controlled chaos theory» is a mathematical mechanism that studies complex and dynamic systems highly sensitive to initial conditions, and which Russia accuses the United States of carrying out in the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Unlike the popular conception of chaos as complete disorder, chaos theory reveals highly structured patterns and behaviors in apparently chaotic systems, thus allowing deliberate influence over their evolution and outcomes, such as in the context of war.

«Controlled chaos theory»: a tool of American politics

In public statements, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova highlighted the prominence of «controlled chaos theory» in American politics, specifically in relation to preparations for a confrontation between Israel and Palestine.

Zakharova stressed that the United States, with its significant intelligence potential in the region, was aware of the events and that the scale and capabilities involved could not go unnoticed, especially through its satellites.

“The intelligence power of the United States in the region, first of all, is materialized through satellites. The execution of this operation, carried out on a large scale, was evident to everyone and could not have escaped the attention of the satellites,” Zakharova told local media.

The Russian spokesperson highlighted that, although Washington actively monitors cyberspace in the region, it has not provided information to its closest ally in a year, which she described as unusual.

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According to Zakharova, the situation in the Middle East reflects uncontrolled chaos, and the current statements by the United States, with calls for violent actions against civilians, only further complicate the situation. “These wild and aggressive statements, with calls to kill civilians, do not benefit Israel or the region in general,” added the diplomat.

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In a previous statement, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reaffirmed the Kremlin’s position, highlighting that the creation of a Palestinian state is presented as the most reliable solution to achieving peace in Israel. Lavrov assured that Russia is in communication with both parties involved and is working to end the current conflict situation.