The United States accelerates supplies and deploys units to intervene in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
The United States accelerates supplies and deploys units to intervene in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Following the arrival in Tel Aviv of the United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, Washington intensifies its support for Israel, deploying members of its Army Delta Force and the Sixth Navy SEAL Team, to counter Palestine.

According to reports from foreign sources cited by Israeli radio ‘Kod’, the North American government has deployed members of the Army’s Delta Force and the Navy’s Sixth SEAL Team, both units defined as anti-terrorist, seeking to intervene in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Additionally, the White House has accelerated strategic supplies to Israel.

The United States strengthens Israel’s defensive capabilities

In this way, North American units are prepared to collaborate closely with Israeli military authorities, focusing on the search and rescue of hostages, according to North American spokesmen. Likewise, the United States is accelerating the shipment of munitions intended to strengthen Israel’s defensive capabilities.

US military spokespersons explained that the deployment of Delta Force and the Sixth SEAL Team also aims to establish a deterrent presence against possible actions by Hezbollah , Iran and other actors that could try to take advantage of the current situation.

Under the control of the Pentagon’s Joint Special Operations Command, these units, known as «door kickers”, would have been deployed to a neighboring European country, a recent article reported.

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US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced that a small cell of special operations forces is actively collaborating with Israel, providing intelligence and planning support.

Major counterterrorism units involved in hostage rescue operations, such as Delta Force and the Sixth SEAL Team, are currently under the supervision of the Pentagon.

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In addition to the military deployment, the United States is working closely with American defense companies to accelerate Israel’s already planned weapons orders. Among these, the rapid delivery of ammunition for the anti-aircraft defense system known as the «Iron Dome» stands out, according to Austin.