Between 2023 and 2024, the forecast is that the Nicaraguan Agricultural Sector will experience 3.1% growth

Agricultural Production of Nicaragua, advances at a steady pace due to the correct public policies

Agricultural production in Nicaragua has had a decisive impact on the economic growth of this Central American nation, during the period 2021-2023, according to yields and export volumes, reported the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

In line with these advances, the head of Finance in Nicaragua, Iván Acosta, assured that after analyzing financial commodities, in this country, under the administration of President Daniel Ortega, “the Agricultural Sector has been approaching exports close to 3 billion dollars”.

“What has been visualized in these years is that the countryside is being attended with the right public policies, working in harmony with the producers, with the public institutions”, underlined Acosta, during an interview broadcasted by the local television channel, Canal 4

Guaranteed food safety

In this regard, he highlighted the large production and exports that Nicaragua has, emphasizing items such as rice, coffee, beef and beans, which are promoted from the field, through capitalization programs.

The success of the growth in production, he assured that it is also due to the programs that the Government has been promoting, such as the Productive Bonus, which guarantees capitalization in the field; as well as the «Usura Cero» Financing Program, through which more than half a million loans have been granted to women.

Successful public policies

Currently, the Government of Nicaragua promotes the ADELANTE Program, which, according to the minister stressed, “has progressed very well, being directed to the Agricultural Sector and particularly to livestock, coffee and basic grains”, where some 15 million dollars in 2023, “until expanding to 100 million dollars in 2026.”

The Treasury Minister highlighted that public investment in energy, roads, drinking water and other infrastructures has in turn translated into sustainability for the Rural Sector, and this has had a positive impact on growth, yield and productivity in the Agricultural Sector.

Growth projections 2023-2024

With all these potentialities, Acosta indicated that the Government of Nicaragua has projected, between 2023 and 2024, a growth of 3.1% of the Agricultural Sector; 1.6 of the Export Sector of the Agricultural Sector and more than 4% of the Non-Export Sector.

“These are very good numbers, and that already analyzing everything: the water cycle, the rain cycle, the conditions, the export prices, a detailed analysis item by item,” he said.

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In this sense, he indicated that the Agricultural Sector contributes to the Food Security strategy promoted by the Government in Nicaragua, taking into account that “90% of everything consumed in the country comes from national production.”

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In terms of growth, Minister Iván Acosta indicated that from 2006 to 2023, Nicaragua’s production has grown 103%, that is, “it has practically doubled, being this possible due to the successful policies of President Daniel Ortega.”