Toxic spinach causes hallucinations and delirium in Australia
Australians warned not to eat ‘toxic spinach’ that has caused hallucinations

Thousands of shoppers in Australia have been told to throw out their spinach following contamination. Now, an urgent recall has been issued with the toxic greens from Costco, causing hallucinations and delirium.

At least nine people have been hospitalized across Sydney suffering from hallucinations and delirium after eating a contaminated batch of baby spinach.

New South Wales Health (NSW) urged people not to eat any Riviera Farms branded baby spinach sold at Costco, with an expiry date of December 16. 

Riviera Farms said the product was likely contaminated by a weed which may cause health problems if consumed. 

«As soon as we were advised of the possible weed contamination from one of our customers, we immediately advised them to remove our impacted spinach from their shelves, and contacted state health and federal food authorities,» the company said.

«There is no suggestion, and to our knowledge no possibility, that any other products have been impacted by this weed” «Riviera Farms has been in the business of providing fresh food since the 1880s, and we are saddened to confirm that we have likely had our first-ever significant contamination incident.» said a Riviera´s spokesperson.

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No one has died, so we’re very happy with that and we hope it remains that way, but these people are quite sick… to the point of marked hallucinations, where they are seeing things that aren’t there,» Dr. Darren Roberts, who represents Australia’s Poisons Information Centre.

The Department is working with the NSW Food Authority, as well as other jurisdictions, to investigate the contamination.