The Day of the Dead, well known also as The Day of the Souls or The All the Saints’ Day celebrated every November 1 and 2.

The Day of the Dead is a celebration held every November 1 and 2 in Latin America, and it reminds those who are no longer with us; it is an event that has the tradition of visiting cemeteries, playing some music, putting flowers and bringing even food to those who left this world.

This is a two days event, in November 1 which is celebrated the babies and children who left this world, and in November 2, is for all the dead, adding that this event is describe as a celebration not mourning.

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The Day of the Dead is celebrated in different ways in countries of Latin America, in some, people visit their gone relatives and clean their graves; others, like in Mexico, relatives visit their dead relatives’ graves and play some music and take some food to share.

Since it is a religious tradition, relatives who are in the cemeteries pray for their dead people.

Back to the pre-Hispanic time, indigenous people like Mayans, Nahuatls, and Aztecs used to preserve skulls for rituals that celebrated death and birth.

However, with the arrival of Spaniards in America, this date was moved to the beginning of November to be in the same time of catholic festivities such as All Saints’ Day and Souls.

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The meaning of this event is that it is an achieved goal not a loss, since it is believed that spirits and souls visit their alive relatives to feel the emotion of reencountering with those who at least one day were with them.

This festivity is going from generation by generation, remaining strong for believers, remembering the deceased person and the bond that unites them.