The Government of Nicaragua spoke out about the abuses and aggressions in the world, warning of the ineffectiveness of the United Nations.

Nicaragua assures that inaction by the UN makes it complicit in crimes against life in the current world global context.

Nicaragua declared that the incompetence and inaction of the United Nations (UN) in the face of the current world situation makes the organization complicit in aberrant crimes against all forms of life.

“In the face of the incompetence and inaction of the United Nations System, which makes them complicit in aberrant crimes against all forms of Life, we advocate for a Strong Expression and Manifestation of the Role of Safeguarding Law and Peace among the Human Community…” , emphasized the Government of Nicaragua about the current situation, through a statement issued by its Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Based on this argument, the Nicaraguan State pointed out that this is the “role that those Organizations created to demand Legality, Legitimacy in the Conduct of the Empires and their Satellites must play, and that they cannot continue acting with Impunity, regardless of all the International Legal Order.”

Nicaragua calls for unequivocal equity in the United Nations

In that context, he specified: “Our Nicaragua, Blessed, Sovereign and Always Dignified, as the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity, and on behalf of our Brave People, we have been attentive and active around the terrible attacks that occur in the World and in recent times particularizing with Legal Prominence, the Emphatic Condemnation of the abuses, attacks and savage attacks, all crimes against humanity, perpetrated against the Palestinian People by the Government of Israel.

Likewise, he explained that “Nicaragua, Always Consistent and Congruent with the demand for action on these flagrant injustices, barbarism, genocides, condemns all Acts of Brutality and Violation of the Norms of International Law and the Conventions that all States have signed in the different United Nations Organizations, demanding respect for the most basic Culture of Coexistence anywhere in the World”.

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“We call, as always, for a Belligerent, Dialogue action, and above all for the Unequivocal Equity that must prevail in the United Nations, since while they accuse and condemn Peaceful Peoples, and Law-respecting Governments, they remain silent and grant the destructive, arbitrary, criminal, illegal and unilateral attacks euphemistically called “sanctions” …”, the declaration highlighted.

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The Nicaraguan government denounced that, in this way, the UN ignores “the Permanent and Systematic Imperial Violation of all Human Rights and the Laws that must be applied, to enforce the Urgent Respect for Life and the Promotion of Dialogue and Peace throughout the World.”